Sara Bouchra
  • Master’s degree in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology, Regenera, 2023-Present
  • Senior Technician in Dietetics with an integrative approach, IFPS Roger de Llúria 2021-2023
  • Specialization course in kidney pathology, Norte Salud, 2023
  • Analytics interpretation, IFPS Roger de Llúria, 2022
  • Supplementation for alterations of the digestive system, IFPS Roger de Llúria, 2022
  • Course of Naturist and Oriental Dietetics, IFPS Roger de Llúria, 2021
  • Higher education course in dietetics and nutrition, UOC 2019
  • After I obtained my scientific baccalaureate, I started my university studies in economics in Rabat, Morocco, but my true vocation has always been traditional cuisine and good food
  • I have worked in the food industry sector for more than 12 years in the food industry and in the health sector for another 10

I am very happy with my achievements and I will never stop training Insha’Allah.